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Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services

Our college is committed to quality teaching, outreach and research. It is home to eight departments. Graduate and undergraduate programs are strengthened by an on-campus elementary school and three stand-alone centers. These offer services to the community and provide students with real-world service and research opportunities.


Veterans studyA pioneering study reveals that a hugely disproportionate number of homeless veterans were separated from the military from misconduct.

In May, members of the Utah State University Student Academy of Audiology provided 450 hearing tests and fit 60 people with hearing aids during their 11th “Mission from the hEARt.”

Dr. Andrew Walker took over as the Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences interim department head in July, when Dr. Mimi Recker stepped down to go on sabbatical.


Sep 07 - Labor Day

Nov 16-20 - CEHS Week

Nov 25-27 - Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec 11 - Classes End

Dec 14-18 - Final Exams



Young Educational Technology Center

Phenomenal Websites

We've come to depend more on the internet - to get answers to questions, learn the news, get entertained, to help us with our jobs.  In fact, there is so much, sometimes It's hard to find the very best.

Educational Resources

TeacherLINK, provides teacher resource for educators and students as a free public service by Utah State University's Adele and Dale Young Education Technology Center (the YETC) and Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services.

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

The YETC staff has gathered public domain materials that would be of interest to educators. Feel free to browse through this collection. Download items that would be useful to you as you teach.